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Dr. Pooja Thacker is an Indian Entrepreneur, Film Producer, Actress, & philanthropist. She is the Co-Founder of Krup Music & Krup Productions. She is also the judge of Sur Gujarat Ke, Nach Le & The Global Gujarat Show. She is the Festival Director of Gita Jayanti Parv 2022 & Krup Music Festival. It is the longest Gita Jayanti Festival in the World.


2015GiridhariKyan Chhe Kano?Producer
2015Karamat, MadhurasthkamKyan Chhe Kano?Producer
2015Dhabkara Chuki JaatuKyan Chhe Kano?Producer
2015Vansadi Na Sur, KrishnashtakamKyan Chhe Kano?Producer
2015Thai Gayo VairageeKyan Chhe Kano?Producer
2015Kyan Chhe Kano, Daddy?Kyan Chhe Kano?Producer
2015Govind Bolo HariKyan Chhe Kano?Producer
2016NaMo Ko SalaamNaMo Ko SalaamProducer
2018Jalaram DhunJalaram DhunProducer
2018Satnam Waheguru JaapSatnam Waheguru JaapProducer
2020Tu Chhe O MaaTu Chhe O MaaActor, Producer
2020Laadli BeniLaadli BeniProducer
2019Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ko SalaamHai Naman – Shaheedo Ko SalaamProducer
2019Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ne SalaamHai Naman – Shaheedo Ne SalaamProducer
2020Love You MaaLove You MaaActor, Producer
2020Om Namah Shivay – Trance MixOm Namah Shivay – Trance MixProducer
2020Guru Mantra Kabir MixGuru Mantra Kabir MixProducer
2020Swaminarayan DhunSwaminarayan DhunProducer
2020Corona Warriors ABCCorona Warriors ABCProducer
2020Vakratunda Mahakaya – MantraVakratunda MahakayaProducer
2020Om Mantra 108 Times Ambient MixOm Mantra 108 Times – Ambient MixProducer
2020Mangalmay Sab Kar DenaMangalmay Sab Kar DenaProducer
2019Mangal Bhavan – Ram DhunMangal Bhavan – Ram DhunProducer
2020Jana Gana Mana InstrumentalJana Gana Mana InstrumentalProducer
2020Kaho Poonam NaKaho Poonam NaProducer
2021Pappa Mara SupermanPappa Mara SupermanProducer
2021Guru Govind Dou KhadeKabir Ke Dohe Vol. 1Producer
2021Guru Aagya Maane NahiKabir Ke Dohe Vol. 1Producer
2021Chidiya Chug Gayi KhetKabir Ke Dohe Vol. 1Producer
2021Yah Tan Vish Ki BelriKabir Ke Dohe Vol. 1Producer
2021Guru Kumhar Shish Kumbh HaiKabir Ke Dohe Vol. 1Producer
2021Guru Narayan Roop HaiKabir Ke Dohe Vol. 1Producer
2021Kaaga Te Hansa BaneKabir Ke Dohe Vol. 1Producer
2021Jana Gana Mana Parv ThackerJana Gana Mana Parv ThackerProducer
2021Ram Rakhe Tem RahiyeRam Rakhe Tem RahiyeActor, Producer
2021Hanuman Mantra 108 TimesHanuman Mantra 108 TimesProducer
2021Hanuman Mantra DJ MixHanuman Mantra DJ MixProducer
2021Ram Dhun 108 TimesRam Dhun 108 TimesProducer
2021Ram Dhun Non StopRam Dhun Non StopProducer
2021Ai Watan, Vande MataramAi Watan, Vande MataramProducer
2021Pyari BehnaPyari BehnaProducer
2021Giridhari (Duet Version)Giridhari (Duet Version)Producer
2021Jai Adhyashakti – Ambe Maa AartiJai Adhyashakti – Ambe Maa AartiProducer
2021Ganesh Gayatri MantraGanesh Gayatri MantraProducer
2021Mahalaxmi MantraMahalaxmi MantraProducer
2021Ganesh Gayatri Mantra 108 TimesGanesh Gayatri Mantra 108 TimesProducer
2021Jana Gana Mana – National AnthemWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Ai Watan, Vande MataramWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Love You MaaWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Mangalmay Sab Kar DenaWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Pyari BehnaWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Pappa Mara SupermanWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Ram Rakhe Tem RahiyeWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Jalaram DhunWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
DhingliWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Tu Chhe O MaaWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Laadli BeniWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
Mangal Bhavan – Ram DhunWorld’s Youngest ActorProducer
2021Mangalmay Sab Kar DenaDevotional Hits Of Vacha ThackerProducer
Vakratunda MahakayaDevotional Hits Of Producer
Ganesh Gayatri MantraDevotional Hits Of Producer
Ram DhunDevotional Hits Of Producer
Ganesh MantraDevotional Hits Of Producer
Jalaram DhunDevotional Hits Of Producer
Swaminarayan DhunDevotional Hits Of Producer
Satnam Waheguru JaapDevotional Hits Of Producer
Hanuman Mantra DJ MixDevotional Hits Of Producer
Om Namah Shivay Trance MixDevotional Hits Of Producer
Ram Rakhe Tem RahiyeDevotional Hits Of Producer
Mangal Bhavan – Ram DhunDevotional Hits Of Vacha ThackerProducer
2021Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 12 Bhakti Yog (Kids Version)Bhagavad Gita Adhyay 12 Bhakti Yog (Kids Version)Producer
2022Mahalaxmi Mantra 108 TimesMahalaxmi Mantra 108 TimesProducer
2022Yeh Tirangaa RaheYeh Tirangaa RaheProducer
2022Swaminarayan Dhun (Version 1)Swaminarayan Dhun (Version 1)Producer
2022Raghupati Raghav Raja RamRaghupati Raghav Raja RamProducer
2022Swaminarayan Dhun 108 Times (Version 1)Swaminarayan Dhun 108 Times (Version 1)Producer
2022Maru Gujarat Chhe – Dhanya Dhara Gujarat NiMaru Gujarat Chhe – Dhanya Dhara Gujarat NiProducer
2022Satnam Waheguru MantraSatnam Waheguru MantraProducer
Sur Gujarat Ke – Season 2Judge2020
Nach Le – Season 1Judge2020
The Global Gujarat Show – Season 1Judge2020
Sur Gujarat Ke – Season 1Judge2015
Gita Jayanti Parv 2022Project Director2022
Krup Music FestivalFestival Director2022
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