Krup Literature Festival

The Krup Literature Festival is the world’s longest literature festival. It is a magnificent 12-day-long celebration of seven major languages including Kutchi, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Awadhi, and a universal language of Music through literature, films, art, culture, and heritage. It is celebrated on the theme of ‘Sangachadwam’. It also honors the decade of the Valentine’s Parv – Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. It is organized by the Give Vacha Foundation and Krup Music, in association with Krup Productions, Krup Films, Krup Publishing, and Esy ID. This festival has transformed into a worldwide hub of limitless creativity, undergoing a spectacular metamorphosis. The festival expanded significantly under the vision of the creative festival directors Dr. Krupesh Thacker and Dr. Pooja Thacker. In this longest-running literature festival, artistic and literary communities will congregate at this thriving cultural hub to celebrate and honor the rich tapestry of languages and cultural heritage that unites all. The festival will be hosted by the Global Literature & Cultural Club.


The Krup Literature Festival is a captivating domain of music, linguistics, and artistry, where the intricate fusion of diverse languages weaves together a magnificent opus for the literary era. This extraordinary festival epitomizes the convergence of diverse literary and cultural legacies, transcending geographical boundaries. It masterfully intertwines the opulent tapestry of Kutchi, Gujarati, Hindi, Sanskrit, English, Awadhi, and Music, creating an illuminated combination of captivating narratives, poetic expressions, musical performances, and fundamental conceptual exchanges. It serves as a gateway to a realm where the written word commands utmost attention, extending a warm invitation to passionate readers, enthusiasts, skilled artists, and creative writers to fully engage in the enchantment of various languages, wholeheartedly embracing the worldwide symphony of literature through a multitude of captivating occasions.

Mission and Vision: The fundamental goal of this endeavor is to adhere to the principles stated in the ancient sutra ‘संएच्छध्वं संवदध्वं, सं वो मनांसि जानताम्’, which mandates that we should hold equal belief systems, walk in harmony, and speak with a united voice. The Krup Literature Festival aims to foster a sense of unity by bringing together people from various languages, cultures, and heritages. An immense appreciation for the richness of language multiculturalism is fostered by the fact that every language contains an unparalleled literary and cultural heritage. The festival will provide a platform for ambitious authors, creators, and artists to showcase their work globally. Through its languages, cultural performances, and huge opportunities, the festival helps bring people from different backgrounds together and encourages understanding, communication, and various perspectives. By delving into both traditional and avant-garde literary works, as well as sublime musical compositions, the festival expands the limits of language and narrating.

Music is widely accepted as the universal language due to its ability to evoke emotional responses from listeners even in the absence of words. Music transcends cultural, religious, temporal, and spatial boundaries. Krup Music, a well-known music company in Gujarat, is organizing celebrations to honor music in its entirety. Several cities in the region of Kutch will be the venue for exciting musical performances and the debut of new songs. On more than two hundred music streaming platforms, Krup Music will distribute an assortment of songs and musical masterpieces by established and emerging Gujarati artists from around the world. The festival will be directed by Dr. Krupesh, who possesses over fifteen years of experience in the music industry. His more than one hundred compositions and fifty albums have been released internationally. His guidance and support will be extended to every growing artist participating in this literary festival.

Krup Music and Krup Films will present their outstanding work at the Krup Literature Festival, which will honor the importance of entertainment media in the preservation of Gujarat’s literary and cultural heritage. Kutch, Gujarat, will host the festival. During the longest-running literature festival, there will be a variety of film screenings, seminars, and promotional events. As a producer, director, and filmmaker, Dr. Krupesh has headed the production of music videos, web series, and award-winning feature films. As the events’ facilitator, he intends to provide the Gujarati film industry with an immense platform.

Poets and readers interested in expanding their literary horizons can take part in a worldwide forum that will perhaps lead to publication opportunities at the Krup Literature Festival. Book releases, poetry recitals, talk presentations, creative book reading panels, and group discussions about literature are just a few of the events that the literary generation can participate in during this festival. Several well-known and promising Gujarati authors have signed on to this publishing effort. These books are going to be published by Krup Publishing.

1.Dr. Krupesh ThackerArjun Uvacha: Adhyatmik JatraKutchi
2.Dr. Krupesh ThackerArjun Uvacha: Maa ParvHindi
3.Dr. Krupesh ThackerAdhura Prem Ni KahaaniGujarati
4.Vacha ThackerGita Word Search: Indian Culture for KidsEnglish
5.Parv ThackerSanatan Activity Book Part 1: Parv Ki PathshalaEnglish
6.Anjali SevakHunkaar KarGujarati
7.Aruna ThackerAy ZindagiHindi
8.Pratima SonparTame Tyan, Ame AhiyaGujarati
9.Dr. Chetna JoshiSakhiriHindi

1.Dr. Krupesh ThackerBhagavad Gita for LifeGujarati, Hindi
2.Dr. Krupesh ThackerJeevan Mein Gunje GitaKutchi
3.Dr. Krupesh ThackerThe Love GathaGujarati
4.Vacha ThackerIndian Culture for KidsEnglish
5.Parv ThackerParv Ki PathshalaEnglish


In addition to providing a platform for the publication of children’s literature, the Krup Literature Festival will also highlight the work of rising authors and creatives. The primary objective of the festival is to ensure the spread of literary and cultural legacy to future generations. Numerous educational institutions and schools in Kutch, Gujarat are collaborating with Krup Publishing and the Global Literature & Cultural Club of Gujarat to coordinate an extensive array of literary initiatives, contests, seminars, and educational events. In the campaign of publishing children’s literature, Krup Publishing launches the books of the youngest author 6-year-old Parv Thacker and 12-year-old Vacha Thacker to inspire little creators around the world.

The Krup Literature Festival celebrates the tenth anniversary of the Valentine’s Parv. Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant founded the Give Vacha Foundation in 2014 with the first project of celebrating Valentine’s Week with Indian cultural values and paying tribute to worship the divine love of Radhe-Shyam and Sita-Ram. Various projects have been expressed with the theme of “Express Love To Everyone.” during Valentine’s Parv. It began in multiple cities across Gujarat and India with the theme of ‘Gift Of Time’. The Give Vacha Foundation and Krup Music organize the festival every year from the 7th to the 14th of February. The Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam theme is highlighted during Valentine’s Parv.

Kutchi Mijaaj: Kutchi Mijaaj: Kutchi Literature & Music Festival, is a celebration of the Kutchi people’s literary, musical, and cultural achievements. It is the biggest Kutchi literature festival in the world. This event is a celebration of language, literature, art, music, and ideas. Learn More

Gujarati Mijaaj: Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat, this festival is a vibrant platform for Gujarati writers, poets, singers, artists, and literature enthusiasts to gather and showcase the diverse and colorful world of Gujarati literature. Learn More

Baatein Ankahee: It is the biggest significant event in Kutch that celebrates the rich heritage of Hindi literature. The festival is known as the most extensive literary festival in the Kutch region. It honors and exhibits literary greatness while capturing the very spirit of Hindi literature. Learn More

Bhavatu Sanskritam: Sanskrit Sahitya Sangeet Parv – Sanskrit Literature and Music Festival is the celebration that lives up to the concept of Sanatan Dharm. The festival honors ancient Sanskrit literature and spiritual heritage through a range of musical and literary events and projects that aim to encourage the Sanskrit language and literature. Learn More

Gift of Thought: English Literature & Music Festival – This festival functions as an exciting venue that provides a pathway for emerging talents in the fields of literature and music. An assortment of artists convene annually for this occasion, which serves as a worldwide forum for the debut of literary and aural masterpieces. Authors and artists with great aspirations convene to exhibit their artistic prowess, guaranteeing that novel narratives and harmonious compositions resonate beyond national boundaries. Learn More

Parv Ki Pathshala: Children’s Literature & Music Festival – This is the very first international children’s literature and music festival dedicated to Kutchi children’s books and music. An eclectic tapestry of literary and educational endeavors, “Parv Ki Pathshala” hosts poetry recitation concerts, seminars, workshops, book publishing services, and interesting talk events with a focus on the next generation. Activities will be organized in collaboration with numerous educational institutions and organizations located in Kutch, Gujarat.

Awadhi Mijaaj: Awadhi Literature & Music Festival: This event of Awadhi literature and music honors the greatness of Awadhi literature and culture. As part of the event, there are song-launching events, poetry readings, and musical performances. It promotes an atmosphere of cultural heritage and cherishes the divine vibes of Awadhi literature. Learn More

Krup Music Festival – It is the largest music festival held in Kutch to preserve the literary and cultural heritage of different languages. Krup Music in collaboration with the Give Vacha Foundation initiated this festival. It comprises global launch events for songs and musical masterpieces, as well as performances and workshops. The event provides an excellent opportunity for rising singers, musicians, and artists to display their talent through live performances. Dr. Krupesh and Dr. Pooja, renowned singer-songwriters and music therapists, methodically planned the entire event to elevate languages, cultural heritage, music, literature, and creators to a global level. They also provide social services through Music Therapy sessions customized to social and cultural groups, schools, institutions, and the dynamic Kutchi society. Learn More

Festival Dates: February 3rd to February 14th, 2024

Advisory Board: Dr. Shashikant Thacker, Smt. Nayna Thacker
Festival Director: Dr. Krupesh Thacker, Dr. Pooja Thacker
Festival Ambassador: Parv Thacker, Vacha Thacker
Program Creator: Krup Productions, Krup Music, Krup Films
Label Partner: Krup Music
Branding Partner: GLCC
NGO Partner: Give Vacha Foundation
Digital Partner: Esy ID

Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music
Gujarat Children's Lit Fest Krup Literature Festival Dr. Krupesh Give Vacha Foundation Krup Music

Which is the longest literature festival in the world?

The world’s longest literature festival is the Krup Literature Festival. It is a 12-day-long festival celebrating diverse languages, music, art, and literature.

Who organizes the Krup Literature Festival?

Krup Literature Festival is organized by Give Vacha Foundation, Krup Music, and Esy ID in association with Krup Publishing and Global Literature & Cultural Club.

Who is the festival director of the Krup Literature Festival?

An Indian singer-songwriter and filmmaker Dr. Krupesh Thacker is the festival director of the Krup Literature Festival.

When will the Krup Literature Festival be celebrated?

Krup Literature Festival is scheduled to begin on February 3rd and run till February 14th, 2024.

Who can join the Krup Literature Festival?

All the people from around the world are welcome to participate in the Krup Literature Festival. This includes people who are passionate about literature, authors, poets, writers, artists, singers, dancers, and musicians, as well as educational institutions, colleges, and other businesses.