Krup Open Mic


Krup Open Mic is the Poetry, Comedy & Story Telling Contest that gives a platform to the artists. The contest is one of the contests of Krup Talent Hunt.

Creative DirectorDr. Krupesh Thacker
MentorDr. Krupesh Thacker
JudgesDr. Krupesh Thacker, Dr. Pooja Thacker
Brand AmbassadorsVacha Thacker & Parv Thacker
Produced ByKrup Productions & Krup Films
Program CreatorKrup Productions
Label PartnerKrup Music Record Label
NGO PartnerGive Vacha Foundation
Branding/Digital PartnerEsy ID
Krup Open Mic


NOTE: Fill out separate forms for registration in more than one competition. (એક કરતા વધારે સ્પર્ધામાં રજીસ્ટ્રેશન કરવા માટે અલગ અલગ ફોર્મ ભરો.)

Winners will be launched in Krup Music’s upcoming Projects.

Registration Fees: 500 INR Per Person Per Contest (India) | 20 USD Per Person Per Contest (International)