Krup Music launches World’s Youngest Actor – Parv Thacker & Devotional Hits Of Vacha Thacker for Children’s Day

Krup Music Record Label launches two children’s day special albums of two talented child prodigies from Gujarat. One album is “World’s Youngest Actor – Parv Thacker” by 4-year-old Singer – Child Actor Parv Thacker & another one is “Devotional Hits Of Vacha Thacker” by 9-year-old Singer – Child Actress Vacha Thacker. Singer-Songwriter Dr. Krupesh Thacker is the lyricist, music composer as well as co-singer for all the songs in both albums. He is also the director of all the music videos. The video production is done by Krup Productions. Krup Music announced the album details on their official website.

World's Youngest Actor - Parv Thacker
Devotional Hits Of Vacha Thacker

About World’s Youngest Actor – Parv Thacker

The unique album “World’s Youngest Actor – Parv Thacker’ is the collection of 12 songs of the youngest actor in World Parv Thacker. Parv Thacker who is also World’s Youngest Singer is a 4-year-old singer-actor from Kutch Gujarat. He started acting in music videos at the age of 9 months with the song “Mangal Bhavan – Ram Dhun” which was an instant hit and has more millions of views. Since then he acted in 12 music videos till the age of 4 years and gave voice to more than 20 songs. Many of his songs went viral on social media platforms. The album covers Parv Thacker’s hit songs Jana Gana Mana – National Anthem, Ai Watan – Vande Mataram, Love You Maa, Mangalmay Sab Kar Dena, Pyari Behna, Pappa Mara Superman, Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye, Jalaram Dhun, Dhingli, Tu Chhe O Maa, Laadli Beni along with his debut song Mangal Bhavan – Ram Dhun.

About Devotional Hits Of Vacha Thacker

Another album “Devotional Hits Of Vacha” is the collection of 12 bhakti songs of 9-year-old child prodigy singer-actress Vacha Thacker. Vacha Thacker started her musical journey with Jana Gana Mana music video at the age of two & a half years. The music video has more than 30 million views on the official channel of Krup Music. She has more than 40 songs to her credit as a singer. She is known for her soulful divine voice in spiritual songs. The album covers Vacha Thacker’s songs Mangalmay Sab Kar Dena, Vakratunda Mahakaya, Ganesh Gayatri Mantra, Ram Dhun, Ganesh Mantra, Jalaram Dhun, Swaminarayan Dhun, Satnam Waheguru Jaap, Hanuman Mantra DJ Mix, Om Namah Shivay Trance Mix, Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye and Mangal Bhavan – Ram Dhun. She has been facilitated by many institutes for her outstanding devotional songs. She is also the co-singer in most of the songs of Parv Thacker.

Kid’s journey to fame

Talking about the journey of both Vacha & Parv, their mentor Dr. Krupesh Thacker said that he noticed the extraordinary talent of Vacha at a very young age while she used to accompany him during music riyaz sessions. He then nurtured her talent with proper training and involved her in some of his best original songs & compositions. His songs were viral & people appreciated Vacha Thacker’s performances. From then she is lending her voice to all of his songs. With Parv he said it was easier as Parv used to accompany Vacha in all her recording as well as video shoot sessions. He picked up acting skills at the very tender age of 9 months and joined Vacha as co-singer from the age of merely 2 years. Both kids are learning music and acting at Krup Academy for many years.

Upcoming Projects

Dr. Krupesh added that they are the only trio from one family in the World in the field of entertainment. They are planning 1st World tour of their Parv Fusion Band soon. Their upcoming projects are Gunje Gita & Parv Ki Pathshala. Both kids have also started the shoot for their debut Gujarati – Hindi feature film directed by Dr. Krupesh Thacker. They are also the brand ambassadors of the Sur Gujarat Ke singing contest for Worldwide Gujarati singers.

Social Work Through Music

Both these child prodigies have official artist accounts on most of the music platforms across the World. Parv & Vacha did most of the songs with social themes for Give Vacha Foundation NGO to help the organizations in awareness of their local & global social projects. They represent India in NGO’s global initiatives. For all songs of these two albums, Parv & Vacha didn’t charge any money. They donated their acting & singing skills as the Gift Of Time Ambassador to Give Vacha Foundation. On this children’s day, one must not miss these two wonderful albums.