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Kutchi Artists Database

Welcome to “Kutchi Artist,” your comprehensive gateway to the vibrant and diverse world of artistic talent in Kutch, Gujarat. This page stands as a rich repository, meticulously curated to showcase the exceptional skills and creativity of artists hailing from this culturally rich region. From painters and sculptors to musicians, craftsmen, and performers, we bring together a myriad of talents that reflect the essence of Kutch’s artistic heritage. As a dedicated database, this platform aims to celebrate the names and works of these gifted individuals, providing a valuable resource for art enthusiasts, researchers, and anyone passionate about the arts. Join us on this inspiring journey, exploring the myriad talents that adorn the canvas of Kutchi artistry.

Youngest Author

Parv Thacker is the youngest author in World/Asia/India. His 1st book “Parv Ki Pathshala: Sanatan Activity Book Part 1” was published at the age of 6 years. The book was published by the Give Vacha Foundation publication house.

Best Music Therapist In India – Dr. Krupesh Thacker

Dr. Krupesh Thacker has 15+ years of experience in the Health Care, Research, and Music Fields. He has conducted 100+ workshops and changed many lives through music. He did his MBBS studies at M.P Shah Medical College, Jamnagar, and did his Masters in Health Administration (MHA) from the University Of North Carolina At Charlotte, USA. He runs his clinic and is currently practicing as a music therapist and family physician. He has successfully treated many individuals with chronic conditions. He is one of the Best Music Therapist In India as well as a very well-known Corporate & Child Music Therapist in Gujarat. His Music Therapy Sessions for Pregnant Women are praised widely. He has more than 120 songs to his credit as a Singer-Songwriter. He is also a bestseller Author, Entrepreneur & Changemaker.

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“Top 50 Hit Gujarati Songs” is a collection of hit Gujarati songs of all time by various artists like Parv, Vacha, Dr. Krupesh and many more.

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Top 10 Romantic Songs

“Top 10 Romantic Songs” is a collection of romantic songs from the movies by artists like Alka Yagnik, Parthiv Gohil, Jonita Gandhi, Ishani Dave, Aishwarya Majmudar, Parth Oza, Divya Kumar, Ruchika Chauhan, Neeraj Shridhar, Prathaa Khandekar, Pamela Jain, Sahil Shivram and Jigardan Gadhavi.

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“Top 10 Movie Songs Of 2017” is a collection of hit movie songs of 2017 by artists like Bhoomi Trivedi, Parthiv Gohil, Sumanta Das, Aishwarya Majmudar, Jay Dave, Sahil Shivram and Neeraj Shridhar.