Child prodigy singer-actress Vacha Thacker in an exclusive interview

On the occasion of ‘National Girl Child Day’ when there is talk of the Government initiatives of ‘Beti Bachao Beti Padhao’ all over India, here we are excited to bring the story of such a girl from the small town of Gujarat, who has brought fame to Kutch with her music. Introducing ten-year-old Miss Vacha Thacker. In this exclusive artist interview, let’s get to know about Vacha’s conversation, her thoughts, and her achievements…

Ms. Vacha, first off tells a little bit about yourself.

My name is Vacha Thacker, I am ten years old. Along with my studies, I love singing and acting. To date, I have launched more than 50 songs on around 200 music streaming platforms and I have also been featured in around 15 music videos. I am the brand ambassador of Give Vacha Foundation.

How did your career as a singer start?

I have seen my father sing since childhood. I was already fond of music because he used to give songs and music in films. When I showed him my interest in music, he got me enrolled in Krup Academy and my training started. As I got better at singing, he slowly started giving me small roles in his songs. I got the first and biggest opportunity of my life to sing with the five finalists of ‘Sur Gujarat Ke‘. In which I sang a line of the song Jana Gana Mana with him. Which got a very good response from the people. This song got millions of views in no time. Later Krup Music promoted me as an artist. Then gradually started singing a few lines in other songs as well. This is how my career started.

How was the experience of taking training from lyricist and composer father Dr. Krupesh Thacker?

Had to take training from my father, it was easy for me because my father could teach me whenever he wanted. But as a trainer, he never let relationships come in between. My training has always been hard. Training does not proceed until the desired result is achieved. Even in singing, father used to do retakes till he got the perfect shot.

You are ‘The Youngest Singer (Female)’ today, so how did you get to this point?

After two years of training, when Papa was satisfied with my talent as a musician, he started giving me complete songs, and then the company started composing songs, especially for me. Later on, more than 50 of my original songs were launched through Gujarat’s only record label company Krup Music. It was released on more than 200 music streaming platforms like JioSaavn, Hungama, Spotify, etc., and became a hit. And yes, people call me the ‘youngest singer’ because my songs are trending on that. After getting this achievement, I am Honored as the Brand Ambassador of Sur Gujarat Ke, Sur Hindustan Ke, and K.M. Talent Hunt show.

When and how did you start as an actress?

We saw that nowadays people are acting themselves in their music videos, so initially, I did a certificate course in acting at Krup Academy and then started coming in front of the camera for a few shots. As part of the course, my father gave me an opportunity to meet actors from the Gujarati film industry, and also got guidance from them. Then, when I gained confidence, I went fully involved in the music video.

What has been the best experience of your singing career so far?

I especially enjoyed it when we were working on the song ‘Pappa Mara Superman‘ as we were shooting scenes on location with mom, papa, and Parv, there are scenes in the song where we acted together. That’s why it was equally fun shooting and recording because I had Papa and Parv with me in singing too. So singing ‘Ai Watan, Vande Mataram‘ was also fun because in it we expressed our love for our country and the tricolor. So it was fun making that song as well.

Which one did you find the most challenging of all your songs?

I clearly remember when we were shooting for the song ‘Hai Naman – Shaheedo Ko Salaam‘, we had to work hard for people. We shot it in the hill fort of Bhuj, climbing the hill, finding the location, and creating the perfect scene. During that song, father had specially said that there should be both innocence and maturity in the voice, and the same should be visible in the expression. So there was a problem in recording the song as well as there was a problem in the shooting.

How did you grow in NGO? How did you become the ‘Brand Ambassador’ of Give Vacha?

One of the flagship projects of Give Vacha is ‘Gunje Geeta’ presented by Parv Fusion Band. In this, the twelfth chapter of Gita Bhakti Yoga is sung musically, Gita was already learned so I became the leading singer of it. I have always been giving my dedication to the Give Vacha through my music. Seeing my dedication, he asked me to lead the project. With this project, we also raise funds for Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv. That’s how I became the ‘Gift of Time Ambassador’ for Give Vacha.

How do you manage both your studies and career?

During school time, I pay full attention to my studies. I finish my homework and studies on time. Then I focus on my classes, singing and acting. Also, we shoot or record on weekends. Our Sundays never go to hotels or restaurants, but we do service projects for Give Vacha. In this way, everything is managed by planning.

You have achieved so much at such a young age, so what message would you like to give to other kids of your age?

I believe we are free as long as we are children. We have no work other than school and primary responsibilities and hobbies and sports. So we have time to focus on our hobbies, our desires, etc. That’s why you should focus on what you want to become when you grow up. For that one should find time even after school hours and focus on art or hobby.