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Esy ID Spotlight: Celebrating Top 10 Songs of Parv Fusion Band

Celebrating top 10 songs of Parv Fusion Band.

This World Music Day, we shine a spotlight on Parv Fusion Band, India’s first family band, featuring the talented Dr. Krupesh Thacker, Dr. Pooja Thacker, and their prodigious children, Vacha and Parv. This family has beautifully blended traditional Indian music with contemporary elements, creating a unique and captivating sound that resonates with listeners of all ages. Here are the top 10 songs by Parv Fusion Band that showcase their musical genius and cultural dedication.

1. Mangal Bhavan: Ram Dhun

A soulful rendition of the Ram Dhun, “Mangal Bhavan” seamlessly integrates the chaupai of Ramcharitmanas. Sung by Dr. Krupesh and supported by the harmonious backup vocals of Vacha and Parv, this track is a perfect blend of devotion and melody that transports listeners to a realm of spiritual tranquility. Notably, this song marks the first appearance of Parv Thacker as an actor, adding a visual element that complements the song’s profound impact. “Mangal Bhavan” quickly became a hit, trending on JioSaavn with over 200,000 plays and achieving an impressive 2 million views on YouTube, solidifying its status as a beloved devotional anthem.

2. Love You Maa

“Love You Maa” is an emotional and touching tribute to mothers. Vacha’s soothing vocals express gratitude and love, while Dr. Krupesh’s guitar melodies add depth to the song’s poignant lyrics. This song features Parv as a son and Dr. Pooja as a mother in the music video, marking Parv’s debut music video as a lead child actor. As the theme song of “Maa Parv,” it has become an anthem for expressing love and appreciation towards mothers. The song was a hit with 600,000 views on YouTube, while the Gujarati version, “Tu Chhe O Maa,” trended on JioSaavn and Hungama with over 100,000 plays on JioSaavn. The music video also boasts over 1 million views on YouTube, solidifying its impact as a heartfelt homage to motherhood.

3. Mangalmay Sab Kar Dena

A prayerful song dedicated to Lord Ganesh, “Mangalmay Sab Kar Dena” features the enchanting voices of Parv, Vacha, and Dr. Krupesh. The inclusion of Sanskrit shloks, combined with the heartfelt prayer led by Dr. Krupesh, adds a divine touch, creating a perfect blend of devotion and musical excellence. The song trended on JioSaavn, while its music video garnered over 60,000 views on YouTube, resonating deeply with listeners and establishing itself as a cherished devotional anthem.

4. Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye

A cherished Gujarati bhajan of Lord Ram, “Ram Rakhe Tem Rahiye” is sung by Parv, Vacha, and Dr. Krupesh. With music composed by Dr. Krupesh, the song beautifully captures the essence of traditional Gujarati devotion and culture. The music video, featuring the Parv Fusion Band artists, has struck a chord with audiences, becoming a hit on YouTube with over 100,000 views.


5. Pappa Mara Superman

Delightful and playful, “Pappa Mara Superman” is a heartwarming Gujarati song dedicated to fathers. Sung by Parv and Vacha for their father, Dr. Krupesh, this track features lyrics and music by Dr. Krupesh Thacker. The fun, catchy lyrics and Parv’s energetic performance have made this song a beloved anthem among families, celebrating the special role fathers play in their children’s lives. As the theme song of Father’s Parv, it has resonated widely, garnering over 60,000 views on YouTube.


6. Ai Watan, Vande Mataram

“Ai Watan, Vande Mataram” is a stirring patriotic anthem that evokes a deep sense of nationalism. Sung by the Parv Fusion Band, with music and lyrics by Dr. Krupesh Thacker, the music video features Parv, Vacha, and Dr. Krupesh, celebrating the spirit of patriotism and unity. This song has struck a chord with the public, amassing over 1.5 lakh views on YouTube and becoming a beloved anthem that highlights the pride and love for the nation.


7. Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram

“Raghupati Raghav Raja Ram” is a classic Lord Ram bhajan brought to life by the harmonious voices of Parv, Vacha, and Dr. Krupesh. The music video, featuring the band members in prominent roles, offers both visual and auditory delight, making this ancient devotional song accessible to modern audiences. Its captivating charm has struck a chord with listeners, earning it more than 3 lakh views on YouTube and making it a beloved addition to devotional music collections.


8. Dhanya Dhara Gujarat Ni

Celebrating the rich cultural heritage of Gujarat, “Dhanya Dhara Gujarat Ni” is sung by Parv, Vacha, and Dr. Krupesh. With lyrics by Dr. Krupesh describing the rich land of Gujarat and music also composed by him, the music video showcases the state’s traditions and culture, featuring the band members.


9. Yatra Naryastu Pujyante

“Yatra Naryastu Pujyante” is a stirring tribute to women’s empowerment and respect. Performed by Vacha, Dr. Krupesh, and Parv, this song, featuring the profound Sanskrit shlok “Yatra Naryastu Pujyante,” emphasizes the importance of honoring women in our community. As the official theme song for Women’s Parv, it has touched many hearts, achieving over 100,000 views on YouTube. Written by Dr. Krupesh, this track not only celebrates women’s pivotal role in society but also advocates for their rightful reverence and dignity.


10. Jana Gana Mana – National Anthem

The national anthem, “Jana Gana Mana,” performed by Vacha Thacker with music by Dr. Krupesh, has captured the hearts of millions. Vacha’s rendition has amassed an impressive 12 million views and garnered over 50,000 likes on YouTube. It trended on JioSaavn with more than 900,000 plays, gained popularity on YouTube Shorts, and amassed 10,000 reels on Instagram. Featured as the number one song in JioSaavn’s Bollywood Decade 2010s playlist, it stands as a testament to Vacha’s vocal prowess and Dr. Krupesh’s musical talent. Parv Thacker‘s version of “Jana Gana Mana” has also seen great success, with over 4 million views on YouTube, reinforcing the band’s patriotic spirit and musical excellence.


On this World Music Day, Parv Fusion Band’s top 10 songs remind us of the transformative power of music. From devotional tracks to patriotic anthems and heartfelt tributes, the Thacker family’s musical journey continues to inspire and unite listeners across the globe. Their unique blend of traditional and modern sounds not only entertains but also enriches our cultural landscape. Here’s to celebrating the spirit of music with Parv Fusion Band!