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Celebrating top 10 songs of Parv Fusion Band.

Esy ID Spotlight: Celebrating Top 10 Songs of Parv Fusion Band

This World Music Day, we shine a spotlight on Parv Fusion Band, India’s first family band, featuring the talented Dr. Krupesh Thacker, Dr. Pooja Thacker, and their prodigious children, Vacha and Parv. This family has beautifully blended traditional Indian music with contemporary elements, creating a unique and captivating sound that resonates with listeners of all ages.

Gujarat Health Minister Shri Rushikesh Patel appreciates Global Clubfoot Awareness Ambassador Parv Thacker.

GLCC Kutch Ambassador Parv Thacker honored by Gujarat’s Health Minister Rushikesh Patel

Parv Thacker, a young and dynamic artist known for his exceptional talents and social work, recently received a heartfelt appreciation from Gujarat’s Health Minister, Rushikesh Patel. The commendation was presented during a special “Meet & Greet Tour” in Gandhinagar, where Parv Thacker, alongside Dr. Krupesh Thacker from the Parv Fusion Band, had the honor of meeting the health minister.