Youngest Singer Parv Thacker aims for Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2023

Pradhanmantri Award is the highest citizen award for children of India. The award is given to children between the age of 5 – 18 years by the government of India. The Youngest Singer from Kutch Gujarat is one of the strongest candidates for the Pradhanmantri Rashtriya Bal Puraskar Award 2023. He applied for the award in two different categories, arts & culture as well as social service.

Arts & Culture

At the age of just 5 years, has established himself as a professional as well as an actor in the entertainment industry. This little wonder has more than 30 original songs to his credit as a singer. Parv is also known as World’s Youngest Singer. He performs Bhagavad Gita across India with his musical band Parv Fusion Band. Parv’s stage name is The Youngest Singer. He is also an established child actor and has more than 15 music videos to his credit as an actor. Leading music platform Hungama Music featured him as the Rising Star of India. All his songs are released Worldwide on leading music platforms including JioSaavn, Gaana, Spotify, iTunes, Hungama, Amazon Music, WYNK music, and many more.

Talking about his achievements, his father Dr. Krupesh, who himself is a successful Singer-Songwriter, said that Parv has been inclined to music since his birth. He used to be with him during his recording sessions and that’s how he developed a strong sense of music. At the age of 1 year & 11 months his debut music album ‘Parv – The Youngest Singer‘ was released Worldwide. Dr. Krupesh added further that he started acting at the age of just 9 months in his music videos. Since then he is breaking his own records in the field of music & acting. Well, looking at Parv’s versatile portfolio we believe that he is a very strong & deserving candidate for Pradhan Mantri Award 2023 in the arts & culture category.

Social Service

Krupesh said that it was a very challenging phase of their life. But as they progressed in the course of treatment they realized that there are many newborn babies who suffer from Clubfoot. He added that Parv got timely treatment because we the parents are doctors, but other newborn babies don’t get proper guidance and if they delay the treatment for a few months, the condition gets permanent. Thus babies have to live with disability throughout their life.

So to help other newborn babies, Parv is leading the Global Clubfoot Awareness Parv, where he through his music band performance spread awareness about the clubfoot condition. He also raises funds for the treatment of such babies. He donates his share of the money from the performance for the treatment of clubfoot babies. Talking about the journey of Parv, his mother Dr. Pooja added that we strongly believe in the Bhagavad Gita and the concept of Karma. Parv is leading us in this global initiative through his Karm Yog & we are lucky to have him in our life.

Looking at the mature social work profile of Parv Thacker, we believe that he is also a strong candidate for Pradhan Mantri Award 2023 in the social service category.

Pradhan Mantri Award 2023 Results

When we asked about the results of Pradhan Mantri 2023, Dr. Pooja said that the official result date was 26th December but for some reason, it is delayed and now the rumor is that the result is supposed to be declared by 18th of January 2023. Talking to the father Dr. Krupesh about Parv’s chance of winning this prestigious award, he has been in touch with a few of the parents and he is very impressed with other applicants too. He added that India is full of potential talents and he wishes the best for all the applicants of Rashtriya Bal Puraskar 2023.

He further added that if Parv gets the award, our mission to spread awareness about Clubfoot will be much faster & we will be able to help more such affected babies. But if he doesn’t win it, it won’t affect us as we will still continue our beautiful journey together and make a positive impact in society. Parv is a Clubfoot Warrior and he is trained to handle challenges very effectively. He added that we don’t decide what’s best for Parv, that responsibility is left to God. Dr. Krupesh ended the talk with such a beautiful thought.

As the results are going to be out in the next few days, we the team of Esy ID wish the best for this little magical Gujarati boy Parv Thacker. At the same time, our best wishes are to all the talented applicants for this award. May the best win the Pradhan Mantri Award 2023.

Parv Thacker – The Youngest Singer/Actor