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Kutch’s Pride: 10 Outstanding Child Ambassadors

Kutch, a district known for its rich cultural heritage and vibrant traditions, is now gaining recognition for its outstanding young talents across various fields. The Global Literature & Cultural Club (GLCC) has selected the best talents from Kutch to serve as ambassadors, representing excellence in singing, acting, dancing, entertainment, literature, music, and culture. Here are the top 10 talents from Kutch selected as GLCC Ambassadors:

1. Parv Thacker

Parv Thacker is a multifaceted talent who excels as a singer, actor, author, and changemaker. Remarkably, he holds the titles of the youngest singer and the youngest actor in the world, with more than 50 original songs to his credit. His special playlist of 15 songs was featured by Hungama Music, highlighting him as the rising star of India.

He serves as the Literature & Acting Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Kutch (District) and Music Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Anjar. Parv is also the Global Clubfoot Awareness Ambassador and Gunje Gita Bharat Ambassador, actively promoting awareness and cultural initiatives through his various roles. Parv’s extraordinary talents and dedication to his craft have made him a prominent figure in the world of arts and culture, inspiring many with his achievements at such a young age. As a Kutch District ambassador for GLCC – Kutch, Parv is all set to make #TeamParv along with other talents.

2. Vacha Thacker

Vacha Thacker is a singer, author, music composer, state-level chess player, and changemaker. Her musical journey began at the tender age of three with a rendition of “Jana Gana Mana,” which garnered over 30 million views. With over 50 albums to her credit, she is also the lead vocalist of the Parv Fusion Band and is known for her acting in music videos. She composes music with the stage name The Notation Girl.

Vacha achieved literary success with the publication of her first book, “Sanatan Word Search,” followed by her second children’s activity book, “Gita Word Search,” published by Krup Publishing. She holds the positions of Music & Chess Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Kutch (District) and President & Literature Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Anjar. Additionally, Vacha serves as the Clubfoot Awareness Goodwill Ambassador of the USA and Gunje Gita USA Ambassador, showcasing her diverse talents and leadership skills.

3. Jinie Sevak

Jinie Sevak is known for her performances in Gunje Gita. As the Culture Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Kutch (District) and GLCC Junior – Anjar, she plays a pivotal role in fostering an appreciation for the region’s rich cultural heritage and literature.

With the Parv Fusion Band, Jinie brings the timeless verses of the Shrimad Bhagavad Gita to life, infusing them with a contemporary vibrancy that captivates and educates. Her dedication to her craft is nurtured and honed at the Krup Academy, where she stands out as a student of exceptional talent and passion.

4. Twisha Jobanputra

Twisha Jobanputra, a talented dancer and winner of the Kutch Talent Hunt Dance Contest, serves as the Dance Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Anjar. She performed at Gujarat Children’s Lit Fest 2024. Her exceptional dancing skills have earned her recognition and admiration within the community. She won many dance contests locally as well as on State level. Her personality motivates other kids to take up classical dance as a career option.

5. Krisha Varchand

Krisha Varchand is a committed Yoga performer and the Yoga Ambassador for GLCC Junior – Anjar. Her dedication to promoting health and wellbeing via yoga has established her as a motivator for other kids to follow Yoga practice.

6. Gyani Pomal

Gyani Pomal is a talented anchor and the Culture Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Anjar. Her talent for hosting and engaging audiences has established her as a prominent cultural ambassador, fostering awareness and appreciation for the arts.

7. Bhavik Kalyani

Bhavik Kalyani is an actor, performer and winner of Kutch Talent Hunt’s Open Mic Contest. He serves as the Culture Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Gandhidham. His significant contributions to the performing arts have established him as a prominent figure in the local community. He performed at Gujarat Children’s Lit Fest 2024.

8. Dev Patel

Dev Patel, a skilled keyboard player, serves as the Keyboard Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Gandhidham. His musical talent has secured him a distinguished spot among the young musicians of Kutch. He was the top finalist of Kutch Talent Hunt 2023.

9. Shaswat Prajapati

Shaswat Prajapati, a talented vocalist, holds the position of Singing Ambassador for GLCC Junior – Gandhidham. Known for his captivating voice and deep love for music, he has become a cherished member of the local community. He was the participant of Kutch Talent Hunt 2023.

10. Dvij Joshi

Dvij Joshi is a versatile talent who excels as a dancer, actor, and shlok performer. He serves as the Culture Ambassador of GLCC Junior – Gandhidham, showcasing his diverse talents and dedication to preserving cultural heritage.

President of GLCC Kutch, Dr. Krupesh Thacker emphasized: “Kutch’s young talents selected as GLCC Ambassadors are a source of pride, excelling in singing, acting, dancing, and more. They showcase our district’s rich cultural heritage and potential on a global stage.”

Through their dedication and exceptional skills, these ambassadors are playing a pivotal role in promoting and preserving the rich cultural heritage of Kutch while also setting new standards of excellence in their fields. Their achievements highlight the vibrant and dynamic spirit of Kutch, showcasing the district’s potential to produce world-class talents. As they continue to shine on both national and global stages, these young ambassadors are not only making their community proud but also paving the way for future generations to follow in their illustrious footsteps.

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