Machine Oh! Machine – Anjali | Top 100 Poems For Mother’s Day


Anjali Heena Hiteshbhai GOT Ambassador Global Maa Parv

“Machine Oh! Machine” is an English poem by Written poet Anjali Heena Hiteshbhai. The poem is a part of the “Matru Devo Bhava” poetry compilation book published under the Shabd Vandana project on account of Maa Parv 2023. Maa Parv 2023 is the longest Mother’s Day event in the World. The poetry is dedicated by Anjali to her mother Mrs. Heena on the occasion of Mother’s Day 2023. It is one of the top 100 Mother’s Day poems.

The book was published under the Shabd Vandana project on account of Women’s Parv 2023.

Poetry Written by: Anjali Heena Hiteshbhai
Poetry Dedicated to: Mrs. Heena Hiteshbhai Sevak

Machine Oh! Machine

Machine Oh! machine,
Why to create machines every time?
You were a human once,
who made you the mechanical device?

What makes you able only to produce man!
A man who is liberal to be what he wants!
Why default error occurs when female takes birth!

A female who can’t be humanoid!
Reflection of your mechanism will soon be hers…
She will be the device which works on man’s command…
Only a robot will accomplish all the social demands…

Machine Oh! machine,
Wake up! why?
Don’t be dead, don’t let her die!
break all barriers, let her fly…

You and she, are not man’s property!
Be a ‘fe’ (iron) of ‘female’
and grab your highs!

Machine Oh! machine,
Man made machine…
Don’t be a machine,
Don’t let her be…


NOTE: The originality of the poetry is confirmed by the author. The author shall be responsible for any liability.