Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant

Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant is a changemaker At Give Vacha Foundation as a managing trustee. He has dedicated all his social initiatives in the name of his parents & so he is known as Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant in all the NGO projects. As the changemaker, Dr. Krupesh Nayna Shashikant has gifted his talent as a singer, actor, director, writer, author, producer & doctor for various projects of the NGO at no cost. He also joins NGO events and spends quality time with people while making efforts to bring smiles to someone’s face. He has been leading the NGO as a Global Gift Of Time Ambassador since 2014.

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Nayna Thacker

Nayna Thacker is an Indian Entrepreneur & Film Producer. She is the founder & managing trustee of Give Vacha Foundation NGO. She works as Gift Of Time Ambassador for NGO activities aimed especially at Women’s welfare.

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