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Jeevan Mein Gunje Gita

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“Jeevan Mein Gunje Gita” is Dr. Krupesh Thacker’s Kutchi language book series. This series recounts the author’s captivating journey with his daughter Vacha and son Parv. By taking Arjun’s perspective, he gives readers a unique vision to witness the spiritual journey. Each book exposes more about the protagonists’ past encounters and findings. Arjun, who had gained the Bhagavad Gita from Bhagavan Krishna, connected with Dr. Krupesh and helped him apply its principles to his life. “Jeevan Mein Gunje Gita” is the first Kutchi book series. The author aims to promote Kutchi literature worldwide with this series. The literary festival “Kutchi Mijaaj” launches the novels as part of the “Krup Literature Festival” which is the world’s longest literature festival.

Parv Ki Pathshala

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‘Parv Ki Pathshala’ unfolds as a captivating series of children’s books authored by Parv Thacker and published by Krup Publishing. These delightful books not only provide valuable insights into Vedas, Puranas, Ramayan, and Mahabharat but also engage young minds with interactive puzzles, making learning a joyous adventure for children. Explore the rich tapestry of Indian culture through this educational and entertaining series.

Indian Culture For Kids

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“Indian Culture For Kids” is a delightful series of children’s activity books authored by the talented Vacha Thacker. These engaging books offer an interactive exploration of Indian culture, making learning enjoyable for kids. Each book in the series is thoughtfully crafted to introduce children to various aspects of Indian heritage in a simple and enjoyable way.

The Love Gatha

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“The Love Gatha” unfolds as an engaging series of romantic novels meticulously written by the accomplished author, Dr. Krupesh Thacker, presenting a captivating journey through love, emotions, and intricate relationships. Each installment in the series offers readers a rich and immersive experience within the realms of heartfelt storytelling.

Bhagavad Gita for Life

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“Bhagavad Gita for Life” is a captivating book series penned by the accomplished author, Dr. Krupesh Thacker. Within this series, Dr. Thacker skillfully narrates his enriching journey alongside his daughter, Vacha Thacker, and son, Parv Thacker, offering readers a unique perspective through the lens of Arjun. Each book in the series unfolds new dimensions of their shared experiences and discoveries.